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Visitor safety policy

OEH will strive to protect human life and provide for an injury-free visit to parks. However, the natural environment will always present risks to park visitors that can be managed but never eliminated. Visitors need to be aware of risks and have some responsibility for their own safety. It is not the objective of park management, nor is it practical or possible, to remove all risks.

Key elements of the visitor safety policy and procedures include:

  • guidance on the department’s legal duty of care, particularly in relation to the Civil Liability Act 2002
  • guidance on the development of management responses to identified visitor safety risks in parks
  • procedures for providing safety messages, general warnings as well as specific risk messages in parks
  • requirements for consent for risky recreational activities (note that this policy has repealed the Adventure Activities policy)
  • clarification of OEH's role in search and rescue, including situations where cost recovery may be sought

This page only gives a summary of the policy. For detailed information, including contacts and a list of relevant legislation, please download the full policy at right.

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Page last updated: 11 December 2015