Nature conservation

Parks, reserves and protected areas

Visitors and tourists policies

Events, functions and venues policy

This policy seeks to ensure that events, functions and venues are appropriate to the natural and cultural settings of parks and that they meet high environmental and sustainability standards. The policy acknowledges that while parks provide unique locations and opportunities for community events and private functions, not all types of events and functions are appropriate for a park setting.

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Leases and licences referral policy and procedures

Amendments made to the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 in 2010 introduced requirements for the Minister to refer certain leases and licenses to the National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council, the Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee, the Karst Management Advisory Committee and Boards of Management for Part 4A parks. The purpose of this policy and procedures is to set out the process by which referrals will occur.

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Visitor accommodation policy

This policy aims to ensure that visitor accommodation on park is appropriate to the natural and cultural settings, meets high environmental and sustainability standards and is managed to minimise conflict with other users.

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Page last updated: 14 July 2016