Vegetation Information System: Flora Survey

The Vegetation Information System (VIS) Flora Survey database is a central, authoritative database for systematic vegetation survey data in NSW. It is compatible with standard vegetation survey methodologies (including field survey data sheets) outlined in the NSW Native Vegetation Interim Type Standards (10060nvinttypestand.pdf, 1.6MB)

The Type Standards and database accommodate a range of data types from various surveys, including:

  • full floristic survey data associated with vegetation classification and mapping
  • rapid survey sites associated with field validation and vegetation type mapping
  • land-use data associated with the Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting Program (MER) Vegetation Condition site assessment.

The existing VIS Flora Survey database (previously the 'YETI' database) has been redeveloped as a module of the Atlas of NSW Wildlife. The read-only version of the database provides access to flora survey data in NSW, including approximately 50,000 individual survey sites. There is no login required to access the read-only VIS Flora Survey, which is available through OEH's NSW BioNet website.

To access the editable version of the VIS Flora Survey in order to contribute, analyse and export data online, non-OEH staff and new users can apply for a login to the VIS Flora Survey system. This will provide you with:

  • access to additional system functionality (e.g. in order to upload spreadsheets of species sightings, or to use the data analysis function in VIS Flora survey); or
  • access to more detailed location information about sensitive threatened species than is available on this public site (conditions apply). Survey data is made available according to the Office of Environment and Heritage's sensitive species data policy.

For OEH staff, licensed users and registered users, please Login here.

For assistance in using the database, please consult the VIS Flora Survey User Manual (120557VISFS.pdf, 4.5MB).

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Page last updated: 29 January 2015