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Draft Lower Coxs Creek floodplain management plan

The Lower Coxs Creek floodplain includes land with less than 2% slope along Coxs Creek between Mullaley and Boggabri, covering an area of approximately 800 square kilometres. The floodplain is part of the highly productive Liverpool Plains catchment and currently supports a successful cropping industry. The nature of flooding across the floodplain has altered since European settlement. Vegetation clearing, stock introduction and the construction of flood control works (such as levees, channels and private roads) have changed hydrological patterns and led to environmental issues, particularly soil erosion.      

The draft rural floodplain management plan (FMP) for Lower Coxs Creek defines a flowpath network and a set of assessment criteria that will guide the management of flood control works and act to minimise flood risk and erosion issues. The draft FMP also identifies remedial works to improve flood flow distribution and floodplain connectivity. The local community has been widely consulted during preparation of the draft FMP.


Draft Lower Coxs Creek floodplain management plan

Main report (120299DftLowerCoxsCkFMP.pdf, 1.07MB)

Figure 3 FMP flowpath network (120299Figure3.pdf, 625KB)

Figures 4 to 5 Identified floodplain management issues (120299Figures4to5.pdf, 147KB)

Figure 6 Flood dependent vegetation and erosion areas (120299Figure6.pdf, 881KB)

Figure 7 Existing flood control works (120299Figure7.pdf, 847KB)

Figures 8 to 18 Identified flood issues (120299Figures8to18.pdf, 527KB)


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