Government strategies

The NSW Government is working with the Australian Government, local government, farmers and the broader community to manage salinity. The approach complements the management of other natural resources such as native vegetation and water.

Salinity varies in nature and extent according to the natural features on the landscape and the way we use the land. Because salinity processes are complex and cross geographical and political boundaries, a coordinated response is required at the national, state and regional level.

There are several strategies and plans that provide the coordinated framework for managing salinity:

  • Catchment Action Plans are prepared by Catchment Management Authorities and build on catchment blueprints, regional vegetation management plans and other approved natural resource plans such as water sharing plans
  • The NSW Salinity Strategy was introduced by the NSW Government to slow down the increase in salinity over a ten year period and lay the foundations for salinity management well into the future
  • The Basin Salinity Management Strategy guides communities and governments to work together to control salinity in the Murray-Darling Basin and project resource values within their catchments
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Page last updated: 26 February 2011