Science underpins the planning and management strategies for salinity. Research undertaken by the NSW Government is focussing on:

  • The biophysical processes of salinity
  • Land use systems that minimise recharge or allow use of saline-affected land and water
  • The impacts of salinity on natural ecosystems
  • The social and economic impacts of salinity management actions
  • modelling

These pages provide information on:

  • how Catchment Management Authorities, government agencies, land managers, local government and industry groups can obtain the best available scientific knowledge and technical support to control salinity
  • how salinity assessments provide information on the current status and future predictions of areas affected by salinity
  • how salinity targets help in the monitoring and evaluation of salinity management actions and the success in managing salinity
  • a range of data sets and mapping and modelling products that are relevant to salinity management
  • decision support tools that will help Catchment Management Authorities and other land managers make better decisions about managing natural resources
  • pilot projects and schemes that look at the practical issues in delivering effective on ground programs that help halt and manage dryland salinity
  • other organisations that have an interest or involvement in salinity

Page last updated: 26 February 2011