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The conservation projects database is a key feature of Saving our Species and is an important tool to help everyone work together to protect threatened species in NSW.

A significant amount of information from the database can be accessed through the conservation projects search page.

Information stored in the database

The database:

  • stores information on conservation projects for species in the site-managed species and iconic species management streams
  • stores information on action statements for data-deficient species
  • stores conservation actions for species in the other management streams and for endangered populations and threatened ecological communities
  • enables you to access information about projects in your local area you can support
  • stores project monitoring data that will be used to report on implementation and effectiveness of projects and to evaluate the program.

Using the database

Public access

Anyone can search the database for a species of interest or conservation project in your local area.

Access for individuals involved in conservation work

Land managers, researchers, conservation group project managers and others involved in conservation work can apply for a database login to:

  • access more detailed information on management and monitoring actions
  • report on action implementation and outcomes.

Visit Get Involved for more information.

Registered users


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Page last updated: 01 November 2016