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effective stormwater education case studies 

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In October 1997, as a part of its Waterways Package, the NSW Government approved measures to reduce pollution in the State's urban waterways through the establishment of the Urban Stormwater Program. Under this program:
  • the DECCW's Education and Community Programs Branch developed and managed the Urban Stormwater Education Program. This program worked in partnership with community, business and industry groups to provide tools to address stormwater pollution at source
  • grants were provided to councils to help them fund local projects and community education programs.

The following case studies highlight some outstanding stormwater education projects and initiatives:

  • councils have developed under the Urban Stormwater Program
  • the Education and Community Programs Branch has developed under the Urban Stormwater Education Program.

These can be used as a basis for future learning and to support local government and industry.

Another useful tool to help plan an effective education project is What we need is...a community education project.

All projects have been funded by the NSW Government through its Stormwater Trust. They have been supported through the design, implementation and evaluation stages by the Education and Community Programs Branch of the DECCW.

There are currently 21 summary case studies and three detailed ones.

Case studies 

Detailed case studies 

These detailed case studies:

  • describe the project's findings and outcomes
  • identify lessons learned and strategies for change
  • link to key research, policy, planning, evaluation and environmental frameworks.

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