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Australian white ibis sighting form

Thanks for participating in the annual community survey of the Australian white ibis population across Australia. This year the survey is on 25/26 - October 2014, please note that counts made a few days earlier or after the 20th are accepted. We welcome all counts, whether you travel to the local wetland or park where you have seen white ibis and conduct a count or if you coincidentally observer some white ibis and conduct a count. Please provide as many details as possible using the below form. Information about white ibis with bands or tags is particularly useful as white ibis have been observed to move long distances e.g. from Victoria to Papua New Guinea.

The community survey started in 2003 with the aim of learning about the distribution of the white ibis population in the Sydney region. The survey has grown and in 2012 with your help we counted over 17000 white ibis across three States and two Territories. Ideally we would like to engage members of the community across Australia as we continue to learn about the changing distribution of the white ibis population. This year we have included questions about your knowledge of white ibis as we are interested to learn about people's attitudes towards, and knowledge of these birds.

Please fill in all the fields, the fields marked with an * are mandatory. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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Page last updated: 21 August 2014