Threatened Species Day 2014

Threatened Species Day is a national day held each year on 7 September to commemorate the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger (also known as the thylacine) at Hobart Zoo in 1936. It is a time to reflect on what happened in the past and how we can protect our threatened species in the future. A day to celebrate our success stories and ongoing threatened species recovery work.

Find out more about the events that are happening this threatened species day.

View film clips of thylacines in captivity, including the last film footage of the species.

Why are threatened species important?

Threatened species are an important component of biodiversity. Once they become extinct they are gone forever. Today most species become threatened because of habitat destruction and the invasion of non-native species. With effective management, however, almost all threatened species can be conserved for future generations.

Why promote threatened species?

To effectively manage threatened species in NSW, we need to be aware of how our activities could increase their risk of extinction and to support efforts to secure the species in the wild. National Threatened Species Day is celebrated across the country to raise awareness of the plight of many species but also to highlight the amazing work that people are doing to save them.

We encourage everyone, whether you are a scientist, an artist, a business person, a sportsperson, an educator, work for local government or just love plants and animals, to do something to celebrate National Threatened Species Day and our unique threatened flora and fauna.

What can I do to help threatened species?

A good place to start is by learning more about what is out there in our local area and then beyond. You can find out what conservation projects are happening in your area and if you can help. Find out more about Saving Our Species, and take a short quiz to find out how much you know about our threatened flora and fauna.

How can I celebrate National Threatened Species Day?

You can help raise awareness about the plight of threatened species by planning an activity such as some bush regeneration in your local area or holding a talk at your club or school or holding an art exhibition. You can also join together with other people interested in nature via the activities around the state. Check out our Events Calendar to see what is happening near you. All we need from you is enthusiasm, initiative, and a willingness to share a common message of Saving Our Species.


DateEvent and locationContact
2 Sept

Bush regeneration in dunes
Barrenjoey Headland, Ku-ring-gai Chase NP

Natasha Funke
(02)9451 3479
4 Sept

Literal rainforest & grassy headland restoration
Skennars Head, Lennox Head

Rhonda James
0409 244 294
5 Sept

Plant Classification for Year 7-8 students
The Australian Plant Bank, Royal Botanic Gardens

Mary Bell
5 Sept

Students interactive video conference on Australian sea lions
Taronga Zoo Sydney, Mosman

Taronga Zoo Education Centre
(02) 9978 4624 or 9978 4578
6 Sept

Bush regeneration in Cumberland Plan Woodland endangered ecological community
Mulgoa Nature Reserve, Glenmore Park

Scott Herring
0427 430 542
6 Sept

Bush regeneration in the endangered plant communities Coastal Saltmarsh and Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest
Marramurra National Park near Wisemans Ferry

Tegan Burton
0419 753 798
6 Sept

Coal Point Bioblitz Installation of nest boxes for Squirrel Gliders
Coal Point Progress Hall, 197 Skye Point Road

04921 0392
6-7 Sept

Endangered emu population survey

Various including: Yuraygir National Park region; coastal townships of the Clarence Valley; Bungawalbin National Park and surrounds.
Gina Hart
66 411 521 or 0459 845 387
7 Sept

Threatened Species Day – problems & solutions – series of talks & presenters
Mid Mountains Community Centre, Lawson

Gary Humble
0427 841 078
7 Sept

Bushcare Major Day Out
7 Sept

Bush regeneration in Blue Gum High Forest endangered ecological community
Darvall Park, Chatham Rd, West Ryde

Sandra Payne
0421 586 416
7 Sept

Guided walk with local naturalists
Basin Walking Track, Sanctuary Point

Alasdair Stratton
0422 234 583
7 Sept

Pruning, weeding, cleaning up in wildlife corridor
Citrus Road Wildlife Corridor, Griffith

Joanne Tarbit
(02)696 28140
7 Sept

Bush regeneration
Marshalls Creek Nature Reserve Ocean Shores (Brunswick Heads)

Lori Cameron
0429 067 317

7 Sept

Bush regeneration on the headland
Barrenjoey Headland, Palm Beach

Rachel Miller

7 Sept

Work on endangered Blue Gum High Forest ecological community
Mashman’s Quarry, St Ives


Glenda Clark

0418 648 208

7 Sept

Threatened Species Day Biodiversity Workshop
Coastal Environment Centre, North Narrabeen


Pittwater Council

Phone: 1300 000 232

8 Sept

Threatened Species Day interactive video conference focusing on the Wollemi Pine

The Australian Plant Bank, Royal Botanic Gardens

Mary Bell

8-9 Sept

Children’s workshops with live animals & tele conference
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo


Taronga Western Plains Zoo Education Centre

(02) 6881 1433

Now until 15 Oct

Photo competition
IUCN World Parks Congress

Now until 30 Nov

Whale watching
Various locations along the coast

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