Basin Plan implementation

The Basin Plan is a major inter-government initiative to provide water for riverine and wetland environments of the Murray-Darling Basin, as well as for other purposes. It provides directions for the management of water for the environment in NSW.

The Basin Plan was signed into law by the Commonwealth Parliament in November 2012.

As part of Basin Plan implementation, the Commonwealth prepared an Intergovernmental Agreement and a National Partnership Agreement which outlines jurisdictions' commitments and responsibilities. These were signed by the Prime Minister and the NSW Premier on 27 February 2014.

There are a range of new planning instruments from the Basin Plan that will affect water for the environment. These include the following valley based plans:

Other Basin Plan projects such as Sustainable Diversion Limits and Constraints Management will also impact on how water for the environment is managed.

Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) is responsible for the development of the Long Term Water Plans (pertaining to water for the environment) and annual environmental watering priorities.

Long Term Water Plans

Long Term Water Plans will provide long-term objectives and strategies for managing water for the  in all nine NSW Murray Darling Basin catchments. These objectives will also contribute to Basin-wide environmental outcomes direct annual water planning.

Long Term Water Plans will also be considered in the development of new Water Resource Plans.

The program for development of Long Term Water Plans in NSW is co-ordinated with the Water Resource Planning program. It involves the initiation of three plans each year for three years. Each plan is expected to take two years to complete consistent with the related Water Sharing Plan.

Work is now underway to collate information, identify assets, prioritise actions and develop plans to sustain and improve the condition of plants, animals and system functions.

Annual environmental watering priorities

The Murray Darling Basin Plan also requires each state in the Murray Darling Basin to prepare annual environmental watering priorities which outline how water for the environment may be used in the coming year, depending on ecological and climatic factors and water availability.

Priority watering statements for 2017–18 (which have been derived from the OEH annual environmental watering plans) are now available.