Coasts and floodplains

We work with local councils and communities to manage the risks from natural hazards on our coasts and floodplains.

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) works closely with local councils and communities to reduce threats from flooding and coastal storms, and to ensure that people in NSW are well informed about these risks and better equipped to adapt to climate change. OEH also works with local councils and communities to maintain and improve the health of our estuaries.

OEH supports local government through:

OEH is also partnering with DPI Water to develop rural floodplain management plans under the Water Management Act 2000.

Coastal, estuary and floodplain management grants

Annual grants for coastal, estuary and floodplain management are approved by the Minister for the Environment who sends a formal letter of offer to each successful council early in the new financial year.

Coastal management grants

The Minister for the Environment announced $1.77 million in grants on 16 July 2013 to protect and enhance the state's coastal environment.

Coastal management grants 2013–14

Estuary management grants

The Minister for the Environment announced $1.94 million in grants on 16 July 2013 to assist local councils to protect and improve the state’s estuaries.

Estuary management grants 2013–14

Flood management grants

On 17 September 2012, $24.35 million funding was announced for 101 local councils and other authorities to undertake priority projects to assess the risks and reduce the impacts of flooding in NSW. A further $1.94 million of funding has been offered for projects activated from the reserve list.

Floodplain management grants 2012–13 A–K

Floodplain management grants 2012–13 L–Z

Coastal management reforms

The coastal management reforms seek to support the NSW Government's vision for thriving and resilient communities living and working on a healthy coast now and into the future. Coastal communities need a modern, integrated framework that is fit for purpose for our unique environmental, social and economic coastal values.

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Page last updated: 12 July 2017