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Appendix B: Terms of reference

The State Water Monitoring Coordination Committee developed the following terms of reference for the SWIM Team:

1. Interim State Water Monitoring Framework

  1. Develop and submit to SWMCC standard monitoring protocols to accommodate the water monitoring needs of State government, regional and local bodies, and community groups, with initial priority given to the needs of the State Government Water Monitoring Program. Make recommendations on monitoring program design and data assessment and develop protocols for indicators; sampling and analytical procedures; reporting; and quality assurance and control.
  2. Provide advice on approaches to communicating monitoring protocols to State, local and community bodies.

2. Interim State Government Water Monitoring Program

  1. Identify existing programs that contribute to the information needs of a whole-of-government Interim State Government Water Monitoring Program
  2. Formulate an Interim Water Monitoring Program and submit it to SWMCC for approval.
  3. Once approved, oversee implementation of the program.

3. Review the Interim Approach for consistency with national and interjurisdictional processes, such as the National Action Plan, Sustainable Rivers Audit, etc and make recommendations for appropriate changes.

4. Report to SWMCC as follows:

  1. Alert the SWMCC of major impediments to the development and implementation of the Interim Approach at the earliest opportunity
  2. Report progress to the SWMCC at 2-monthly intervals.

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