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Water quality

6. Communication of monitoring protocols to State, local and community bodies

6.1 New South Wales Government agencies

The majority of State agencies collecting water monitoring data are represented on the State Water Monitoring Coordination Committee and have been participating in the development of the agreed protocols. However, the Committee will also circulate the Interim Approach to other relevant State agencies to communicate and reinforce the findings and recommendations of the report. For further details, see section 11.1 of this document.

6.2 Local and community bodies

Local Government and community monitoring are represented on the State Water Monitoring Coordination Committee, by the Local Government and Shires Association and Waterwatch respectively, and have been involved in the development of the protocols. Councils and community bodies will be advised of the interim protocols and will be encouraged to adopt them.

The State Water Monitoring Coordination Committee will arrange for the Interim Approach to be provided to all NSW councils and community groups responsible for undertaking monitoring, such as Streamwatch.

Furthermore, a Pilot Project on Recreational Water Quality Monitoring currently being managed by the EPA on behalf of the Coastal Council provides a capacity building program for coastal councils. This includes development of a comprehensive methods manual, training programs for council officers carrying out the monitoring, and development of a monitoring program that will be undertaken by councils.  Once implemented, opportunities for building on and extending this approach will be considered for further capacity building for local councils. The Pilot Project commenced in 2002.

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