Environmental issues

Water quality

12. Conclusions

The Interim Approach calls for the use of common standard procedures for water monitoring in NSW based on the indicators, protocols and assessment criteria set out in Table 1. The Approach has also identified a core suite of monitoring programs of State significance.
The analysis of the Interim Approach found no water monitoring duplication among State agencies. However, it has identified gaps in our current water monitoring effort. These gaps will need some further consideration in light of work being undertaken through inter governmental bodies and in the context of the future Strategy.

The Interim Approach provides a useful basis for the development of a final State Water Monitoring Strategy for NSW.

The NSW Government has given responsibility to the State Water Monitoring Coordination Committee for progressing the development of a comprehensive water monitoring strategy for NSW. The next step in the  development of this strategy will be the release of a consultation paper. It is expected that the strategy will be finalised and considered by Government in 2003. Until that time, the Interim Approach will assist in ensuring efficient and coordinated collection and use of water monitoring data.

Page last updated: 26 February 2011