Environmental issues

Water quality

11. Key elements for implementation

11.1 New South Wales Government agencies

In order to implement the Interim Approach for Water Monitoring in NSW, NSW Government agencies responsible for major water monitoring programs will be expected to:

  • adopt the monitoring protocols and assessment criteria listed in Table 1
  • maintain accepted quality assurance/quality control procedures for all aspects of NSW water monitoring, including sample collection, field processing, in-situ measurements, laboratory analysis, and data management and reporting
  • continue to ensure that monitoring is performed by trained personnel who meet the key competencies required to do the work
  • make data generated by monitoring programs listed in Table 3, readily available via the web and particularly via the CANRI system where possible, and as soon as possible after sample collection.

State agencies represented on the SWMCC will be asked to advise their compliance with these requirements. Specifically, agencies will be asked to:

  • confirm the use of monitoring protocols in Tables 1a-1c
  • advise instances where an alternative method is being used and the rationale for this
  • describe their current in-house training practices to the SWMCC.

Protocols will be reviewed annually and agencies are asked to notify the SWMCC Secretariat whenever an alternate or additional protocol has been adopted.

11.2 Local and community bodies

Local councils and community bodies will be made aware of the Interim Approach and its findings and will be encouraged to commence using the framework. The relevant documents are available to councils as follows:

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