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Saltwater wetlands rehabilitation manual

Saltwater wetlands are important features of the NSW coastal zone. They provide an array of social, economic and environmental services. Although the degradation and loss of coastal wetlands has occurred in the past, awareness of their ecological significance has created greater interest in the preservation of existing wetlands, rehabilitation of degraded wetlands and construction of new wetlands. 

The manual was prepared by OEH's Estuary Management Program. It aims to increase knowledge and understanding of saltwater wetlands and to be a key resource in the field of rehabilitation and management. This manual focuses on the rehabilitation of wetlands influenced by brackish or saline waters. These wetland types are home to swamp forests, saltmarshes, mangrove forests and seagrass beds. 

A general overview of saltwater wetland environments, their rehabilitation and the use of this manual is provided in Part 1. Part 2 provides specific advice for planning and implementing saltwater wetland rehabilitation projects. Part 3 of the manual (the CD section of the publication) provides information about saltwater wetland characteristics and processes.

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