Birds you don't need a licence to keep

You don't need a licence to keep exotic (non-native) bird species. There are also 41 native species that you may buy, sell or keep without a licence.

Note that these native birds are still protected and you are not allowed to trap them in the wild. It is illegal to trap protected birds, including exempt species, anywhere in NSW. The maximum penalty for trapping a protected or threatened bird is a fine of $220,000 and/or a two-year prison sentence.

Native bird species you can keep without a licence are:

  • sulphur-crested cockatoo
  • galah
  • little corella
  • long-billed corella
  • western corella
  • cockatiel
  • red-collared lorikeet
  • scaly-breasted lorikeet
  • musk lorikeet
  • rainbow lorikeet
  • Port Lincoln parrot
  • twenty-eight parrot
  • hooded parrot
  • red-rumped parrot
  • red-capped parrot
  • princess parrot
  • Bourke's parrot
  • elegant parrot
  • scarlet-chested parrot
  • Adelaide rosella
  • eastern rosella
  • pale-headed rosella
  • yellow rosella
  • western rosella
  • budgerigar
  • bar-shouldered dove
  • diamond dove
  • emerald dove
  • peaceful dove
  • common bronzewing
  • crested pigeon
  • brown quail
  • king quail
  • stubble quail
  • little button-quail
  • painted button-quail
  • blue-faced parrot-finch
  • Gouldian finch
  • painted finch
  • star finch
  • zebra finch

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Page last updated: 02 May 2016