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Keeping native animals as pets

Application Forms and Fees
Access all the forms you need to apply for, or renew your licence. People who apply for, or renew their animal keeper licence online are eligible for a discount off the cost of their licence. 

Bird keeper's licence
Work out what type of licence you need, and see which birds are exempt from the licensing system.

Reptile keeper's licence
You can keep some types of reptile, but you'll need a licence. You'll also need a lot of experience, if you're planning on keeping venomous species. Find out more.
Frog keeper's licence
It's against the law to collect frogspawn, tadpoles or frogs from the wild, but with an NPWS licence you can still witness metamorphosis in action. Find out more.

Mammal keeper's licence
Only three native mammals can be kept as pets in NSW: dingos, spinifex hopping-mice and plains rats. You'll need a licence for the last two of these. Find out more.

Companion animals licence
If you intend keeping only one bird, frog, reptile or mammal as a pet you can apply for a companion animal licence. It is less expensive and does not require the maintenance of a fauna record book.

The NSW native animal keepers' species list
This is a comprehensive list of all species of native animals that can be held in NSW under licence.  This list is the only species list to be referred to superseding all other previously published versions.

NPWS Native Animal Keeper Electronic Fauna Record Book
Find out more about this new way for keeping track of your native animal holdings.






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Page last updated: 07 January 2014