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Climate Change Fund Annual Report

The NSW Climate Change Fund was established on 1 July 2007 under the Energy and Utilities Administration Act 1987 and is administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage.

The purpose of the fund is to increase public awareness of climate change, stimulate investment in new water and energy saving technology, reducing demand for drinking water and grid electricity as well as saving related greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Fund Annual Report 2012-13

This Climate Change Fund Annual Report 2012-13 (130796CCFAR1213.pdf, 2.2MB) is the sixth Annual Report for the NSW Climate Change Fund (the Fund), covering the 2012-13 financial year of operations.

In 2012-13, the Fund expended $302.4 million to help households, businesses, government and communities become more sustainable by saving water, power and greenhouse gas emissions as well as money off utility bills. The Fund also stimulated investment in renewable and clean energy technologies, including meeting the costs of the Solar Bonus Scheme and reducing the risk of extreme bushfire events through the Enhanced Bushfire Management Program.

To 30 June 2013, more than 19.8 billion litres of water, 873,000 megawatt hours of electricity, 909,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, and $205.7 million off power and water bills are saved each year. On average, every $1 the Fund invests in energy and water saving initiatives across all programs delivers more than $4.50 in utility bill savings.

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