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The Office of Environment and Heritage is responsible for the management of kangaroos in New South Wales and regulates the commercial harvest of kangaroos in accordance with the NSW Commercial Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan.

Commercial harvesting

Kangaroos in New South Wales are protected by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

In New South Wales, 4 species of kangaroo can be taken commercially:

  1. Eastern Grey (Macropus giganteus)
  2. Western Grey (Macropus fuliginosus)
  3. Red (Macropus rufus)
  4. Wallaroo (Macropus robustus ssp robustus).

Not all species can be taken in every zone.

Licences issued for skins only are prohibited in New South Wales.

The commercial harvest area of New South Wales is divided into kangaroo management zones. A quota limits the number of kangaroos of each species that can be harmed commercially in any kangaroo management zone. Quotas are calculated each year from population estimates, in accordance with a management plan approved by the Australian Government.

Commercial harvest of kangaroos is prohibited within National Parks and other reserved areas, and can only be undertaken on private landholdings with the written permission of the landholder (owner or occupier/manager).

Every step in the kangaroo supply chain is licensed and monitored.

Kangaroos can only be harvested in accordance with the conditions of a Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Licence and where a Commercial Tag Advice has been issued by Office of Environment and Heritage(OEH).

All Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Licences are valid until 31 December in the year of issue.

All harvesters must adhere to the National code of practice for the humane shooting of kangaroos and wallabies for commercial purposes.

All types of licences have conditions attached, and licensees must submit activity reports (returns) to OEH for monitoring purposes.

Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Licence

Commercial harvesting allows landholders to engage a commercial harvester to remove kangaroos from their properties. This reduces the cost of kangaroo control to landholders.

Only people who are licensed by OEH with a current Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Licence may harm kangaroos and sell the carcass.

Carcases must only be sold to an OEH licensed Animal Dealer (Kangaroo), and must only be transported and stored in correctly registered vehicles and premises.

Landholders must complete and submit to OEH an annual landholder consent form – giving written permission for a commercial harvester to apply to use commercial tags to harm kangaroos on the landholder's property.

Public liability insurance is the responsibility of the landholder and the harvester. OEH has no role in regulating public liability.

There are 2 types of Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Licences.

Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Professional Licence

The application fee in 2018 for a Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Professional Licence is $894.

An individual must satisfy the following requirements for OEH to issue a Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Professional Licence:

  • a valid Firearms Licence
  • successful completion of the accreditation course for kangaroo harvesters through the NSW Firearms Safety and Training Council Ltd
  • successful completion of the Statement of Attainment 357-R1011V01 – Game Harvester Skill Set through Open Training and Education Network (OTEN) TAFE (a requirement of NSW Food Authority to meet food hygiene standards).

Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Landholder Licence

Landholders can apply for a Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Landholder Licence if they want to harm kangaroos on their own property and sell the carcass.

The application fee in 2018 for this licence is $223.

This licence differs from the Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Professional Licence in that the licensee is restricted to using commercial tags on properties owned or occupied by the licensee.

The training requirements for a Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Landholder Licence are the same as for a Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Professional Licence.

Commercial tags

A Commercial Tag Advice states the start and expiry of the tag range, the property where the tags are to be used, the Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Licence details, the species and the approved number to be harmed.

The cost of a commercial tag in 2018 is $1.17 each (GST free). Commercial tags must be purchased from the Kangaroo Management Section of OEH.

Within zones, the quota is usually allocated on a 'first in, first served' basis. A delegated OEH officer assesses each application, and may contact the landholder for clarification if there is concern about any of the information on the landholder consent form.

Non-commercial licences

Non-commercial licences for the purposes of damage mitigation and public safety are issued by National Parks and Wildlife area offices. Non-commercial licences are still available in a commercial harvest zone.

The carcases of kangaroos culled under non-commercial licences cannot be sold.

Non-Commercial applications need to be submitted to the appropriate National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Area office that manages the region the property is located within.

Contact the Environment Line for NPWS details on:
Phone: 13 15 55
Email: .

Application forms

Commercial licences and tags are issued by the Kangaroo Management Section of OEH.

Application forms are available from the contacts, links, resources and forms page.

Further information

Contact the NSW Firearms Safety and Training Council Ltd for information about the cost of the Kangaroo Harvester Accreditation.

Firearms Safety and Training Council Ltd
Phone: 02 9486 3077

Contact OTEN TAFE for information about the cost of the Statement of Attainment 357-R1011V01 – Game Harvester Skill Set.

Phone: 1300 362 346

There are also costs associated with the set up and registration of vehicles used to transport kangaroos. Information about these costs and requirements can be obtained from the NSW Food Authority.

NSW Food Authority
Phone: 1300 552 406

It is the responsibility of landholders and harvesters to arrange commercial harvesting. Due to privacy constraints, OEH cannot provide contact lists for landholders and harvesters wishing to undertake commercial kangaroo harvesting.

Kangaroo Management Section
52 Wingewarra St (PO Box 2111), Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: 1300 1 RED ROO (1300 1733 766)

NSW Commercial Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan

The NSW Commercial Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan 2017–2021 was declared as an Approved Wildlife Trade Management Plan by the Commonwealth Minister for Environment and Energy on 13 December 2016.

This approval is valid from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2021 and includes several conditions that are listed on the Declaration.
The management plan relates only to the commercial harvest of red kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo, western grey kangaroo and wallaroo.

The goal of the program is to maintain ecologically sustainable populations of these kangaroos throughout their ranges, and humane harvesting practices for animal welfare.


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