Water for the environment in other valleys

Water for the environment is also delivered to other valleys in NSW in collaboration with relevant state and Commonwealth agencies.

More information on past watering events

In 2018–19, we managed the delivery of water for the environment to key sites across the state. For more information see Use of water for the environment in NSW: Outcomes 2018–19.

Narran Lakes

The Narran Lakes wetland ecosystem comprises the terminal lakes and surrounding floodplains of the Narran River in the Condamine–Balonne Catchment and includes the internationally significant Ramsar-listed Narran Lake Nature Reserve. The Narran Lakes are one of the most significant bird breeding sites in the Murray–Darling Basin.

The Australian Government has purchased water licences in the Condamine–Balonne Catchment and will manage water for the environment in collaboration with relevant state agencies to achieve outcomes in the Narran Lakes system.

Hawkesbury–Nepean river recovery

The Hawkesbury–Nepean River Recovery Program (2009–12) aimed to achieve environmental outcomes for the Hawkesbury–Nepean River System by making more water available for the environment and reducing nutrient inputs.

The program was funded by the Australian Government and managed by the former Office of the Hawkesbury–Nepean in partnership with other NSW agencies. It is currently managed by the Department of Primary Industries.

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water has purchased 4912 megalitres of unregulated river access licence shares across the Hawkesbury–Nepean catchment.