About us

About us

NPWS Park Operations Branch – Blue Mountains

Find out who liaises between your community and the National Parks and Wildlife Service,  and who to contact for more information. 

Email npws.bluemountainsbranch@environment.nsw.gov.au for more information on the Blue Mountains Regional Advisory Committee and the Hartley Historic Site Advisory Committee.

Blue Mountains Regional Advisory Committee members

Mr Warwick Armstrong 
Ms Tracey Austin – Chair
Mrs Gemma Bennett 
Mrs Sharyn Halls 
Ms Agness Knapik 
Mr Robert Lester 
Mr Andrew Luke
Ms Madi Maclean 
Mr Andy Macqueen 
Ms Fiona Meller 
Ms Heidi Ploeg (nee Lawson) 
Mr Nick Rigby 
Dr Robert Ryan 
Mr Ian Tucker 
Mrs Merle Williams

Hartley Historic Site Advisory Committee members

For more information about the Hartley Historic Site Advisory Committee, email npws.bluemountainsbranch@environment.nsw.gov.au.

Mrs Krystina Campbell 
Mrs Margaret Combs 
Mr Ross Garth Fragar 
Mrs Cheryl Kenny 
Mrs Lynda Lovegrove 
Mr John Luchetti 
Mr Malcolm McDonald 
Mr Robert Benjamin Morris OAM – Chair
Ms Annette Isabella Poston-Gilbey 
Mrs Sharon Simcoe 

For more information on National Parks and Wildlife Service regional advisory committees, visit the Advisory committees webpage.

Page last updated: 03 April 2018