About us

About us

NPWS Park Operations Branch – Greater Sydney

Find out who liaises between your community and the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and who to contact for more information.

Email npws.greatersydney@environment.nsw.gov.au for more information on the Greater Sydney regional advisory committees.

Metropolitan South West Regional Advisory Committee members

Ms Glenda Chalker
Ms Sharyn Cullis
Ms Joanne Daly
Mr Brian Everingham – Chair
Mr Brendon Graham
Ms Christine Guthrie
Mr Christopher (Chris) Ingrey
Mrs Rhonda Lenardon
Dr Edward (Charles) Morris
Mrs Cita Murphy
Ms Marnie Sigal
Mr Brad Staggs
Mr Peter Stitt
Mrs Alison Woodbury

Metropolitan North East Regional Advisory Committee members

Mr Simon Balderstone AM
Mr Laurence Bimson
Mr Rob Brewster
Mr Trevor Robert Brown
Ms Robin Buchanan
Mr Jason Coombs
Mr Grahame Douglas – Chair
Ms Brigid Dowsett
Professor Dennis Foley
Ms Carole Ford
Mrs Catherine (Cathy) Griffin
Dr Daniel Lunney
Ms Lynda Newnam
Dr Julie Old
Mr Stuart Sprott
Mr Stephen Summerhayes


For more information on National Parks and Wildlife Service regional advisory committees, visit the Advisory committees webpage.

Page last updated: 03 April 2018