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Small business registration

If you supply goods and services to OEH and/or our partner entities (oehpartentities.pdf 83KB) and are an Australian or New Zealand based firm that has an annual turnover of under $2 million in the latest financial year, you may be eligible to register as a small business.

If a small business is not paid by OEH within 30 calendar days of receipt of a correctly rendered invoice, penalty interest may be paid on the overdue amount owed if the interest exceeds $20.

How to register as a small business with OEH and our partner entities

Complete the form (smallbizregform.doc 155 KB) and attach one type of supporting documentation.

Supporting documentation can be:

  • the most recent Business Activity Statement (BAS), or
  • the latest year’s annual financial statement, or
  • a letter from your accountant/auditor confirming that the business is an Australian/New Zealand business and has an annual turnover of less than $2 million.

What is a correctly rendered invoice?

The NSW Government has criteria for a correctly rendered invoice. The invoice should:

  • be tax compliant
  • state the correct OEH or partner entity (or valid trading name) (oehpartentities.pdf 83KB) that has been contracted to receive the goods or services
  • display correctly calculated amounts (i.e. net amount, GST displayed and total amount)
  • quote a valid purchase order number (which starts with 4500 and is ten digits long) or, in the absence of a purchase order number, display the contact name or contact email address of the person who bought the goods/services.

Send the invoice:

  • to OEH Accounts Services by mail to PO Box 1967, Hurstville BC NSW 1481, or 
  • via email to accounts.payable@environment.nsw.gov.au. The invoice should be attached as a pdf, tif or jpg file. Where you are attaching more than one invoice to an email, each invoice must be separated into its own pdf, tif or jpg file. If more than one invoice is included in the same file, the system will only read the first one and arrange for it to be paid.

Further information

For further details, refer to the Payments of Accounts Policy (pdf file) or the Business Connect website.


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Page last updated: 13 August 2018