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Wildlife refuges

Many people and organisations own land with important plants, animals and their habitats. Making your property a wildlife refuge is one way in which you can protect and conserve wildlife on your property and contribute to the conservation of our unique Australian native plants and animals.

Wildlife refuge agreements are now managed by the Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) under the Conservation Partners Program, including all previous agreements created under the former Office of Environment and Heritage Program. Wildlife refuge agreements are an entry-level option for landholders who wish to protect the biodiversity on their property but do not wish to enter into a permanent agreement. This can be a good option for landholders wanting to explore how they can become involved in conservation.

These agreements are for an area of a minimum of 10 hectares, however, smaller properties may be considered by the BCT if they contain very high conservation values or meet other strategic objectives of the Trust.

To apply for a wildlife refuge agreement, complete the BCT's landholder interest form (PDF 129KB) at any time (please download and save to your computer first).

You can either email your completed form to info@bct.nsw.gov.au or print and mail it to the BCT using the following address:

NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust
PO Box A290
Sydney South, NSW 1232

If you would like to know more about wildlife refuge agreements and/or other types of agreements managed by the BCT, you can visit their website or get in touch via email at info@bct.nsw.gov.au or phone on 1300 992 688.

Page last updated: 20 January 2020