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Marine estate reforms

The NSW Government is taking a new approach to the sustainable management of the NSW marine estate. The marine estate will be managed as a single continuous system so that there is a healthy coast and sea, managed for the greatest well-being of the community, now and into the future.

The NSW marine estate includes the

  • ocean
  • estuaries
  • coastal wetlands (saltmarsh, mangroves, seagrass)
  • coastline including beaches, dunes and headlands
  • coastal lakes and lagoons connected to the ocean
  • islands including Lord Howe Island.

It extends seaward out to three nautical miles and from the Queensland border to the Victorian border, as shown in the NSW Marine Estate map (PDF 404KB).

The Office of Environment and Heritage manages the national park system, coastal and estuary management, marine fauna and maritime heritage programs and the Environmental Trust (an environmental funding program), and also contributes to marine estate research and education.

The marine estate reforms will improve linkages between agencies to ensure better outcomes for the community, industry and the environment.

Two main advisory bodies oversee this new approach:

Further information about the NSW marine estate and the marine estate reforms can be found at the Marine Estate Management Authority's NSW Marine Estate site.

Page last updated: 09 February 2016