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Biodiversity Legislation Review submissions, meetings and commissioned reports

The Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review Panel commissioned input from the Environment Liaison Office and NSW Farmers. The information provided by these key stakeholder groups is available below.

Environment Liaison Office

Note: The Environment Liaison Office includes the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, the National Parks Association of NSW, the Total Environment Centre, and the Wilderness Society, with legal advice provided by the EDO NSW.

NSW Farmers’ Association

Note: These reports were prepared by Evidentiary, on behalf of NSW Farmers. The NSW Farmers’ submission is available below.

Key stakeholders

During the review the panel met with the following key stakeholders.


The Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review Panel released an issues paper (PDF, 206KB) for public consultation. The total number of submissions received was 1069, which included 395 submissions and 674 form letters. Submissions marked as confidential are not published on this website. In some instances, the panel decided not to publish parts of a submission if it contained inappropriate material. Submissions are available here.

OEH has prepared a Submissions Report (PDF, 501KB) that presents a summary and analysis of the submissions received in response to the issues paper.

Page last updated: 17 November 2015