The NSW Biodiversity Indicator Program

It is important to accurately assess the status of biodiversity in New South Wales, now and in the future.

The Biodiversity Indicator Program was established at the beginning of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Indicators are used to assess the status and trends of biodiversity in New South Wales and help us understand the impact of current biodiversity management and conservation measures.

The first NSW biodiversity outlook report was published in 2020. The NSW biodiversity outlook report 2024 is now available to download.

Measuring our amazing biodiversity

New South Wales is home to a spectacular variety of plants, animals, and ecosystems on land and in the water. Biodiversity or 'biological diversity' is the variety of all living things, including plants, animals (vertebrates and invertebrates), fungi, lichen and microorganisms. Biodiversity includes the variety among individuals within a species, the variety of different species, and the variety of ecosystems. Many species remain poorly known or have not yet been scientifically described and named.

To measure our biodiversity, we need to assess all aspects of biodiversity (genes, species and ecosystems) and the integrity of their supporting habitats.

Developing biodiversity indicators

Recording the status of all plant and animal species across New South Wales is a very large, complex task, especially when many species remain unknown. To simplify the task, we developed a suite of indicators to measure different aspects of biodiversity and ecological integrity (the capacity of ecosystems to retain biodiversity and adapt to change).

Results from the Biodiversity Indicator Program

Results of indicators on the status of NSW biodiversity and ecological integrity are available in the NSW biodiversity outlook report. In addition, more detailed results for individual indicators or families of indicators are released as stand-alone report cards.

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