Charter of engagement with veterinary professionals

NSW Volunteer wildlife rehabilitation and veterinary sector.

This charter is a resource for licensed wildlife rehabilitation providers in New South Wales. It outlines the principles that guide the engagement of volunteer wildlife rehabilitators with veterinary personnel, including veterinarians, veterinary nurses and veterinary hospital staff, and underpins the relationship between the 2 groups.

Animal welfare is a primary concern for wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary personnel, and cooperation between the 2 groups is vital to providing a high standard of care for rescued wildlife.

The charter complements the Veterinary Practitioners Code of Professional Conduct. It reflects a mutual commitment to work cooperatively in prioritising animal welfare and providing care for sick, injured and orphaned protected animals.

Professional conduct

  • Engage positively, providing a safe and constructive environment free from harassment, discrimination and bullying.
  • Conduct ourselves in a professional manner, understanding that we represent our group and the wildlife rehabilitation sector as a whole.
  • Manage any conflict that may arise in line with the policy and procedures of the group.


  • Respect the legal obligations relevant to each and both parties in their endeavours to help wildlife.
  • Be respectful of and consider the knowledge, advice, recommendations and decisions of veterinary professionals.
  • Acknowledge that veterinary professionals have contributed their time and expertise to care for wildlife.

Work cooperatively

  • Work cooperatively with veterinary professionals, openly sharing case information, knowledge and expertise to achieve better care and welfare outcomes for wildlife.


  • Listen and genuinely seek to understand the views and perspectives of veterinary professionals.
  • Commit to maintaining reliable communication channels and utilising opportunities to exchange information, ideas and knowledge.