Mulga Lands bioregion

The hot, dry, semi-arid Mulga Lands bioregion is in northern NSW, extending north and west into Queensland.

Map showing location of the Mulga Lands bioregion

Mulga Lands bioregion area

  • 25,188,333 hectares in total
  • 6,581,779 hectares in NSW

The NSW section of the bioregion is in the NSW Western. The bioregion is bounded by the Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields and Broken Hill Complex bioregions in the west and the Darling River in the Darling Riverine Plains Bioregion bounds the Mulga Lands to the south and east.

The Paroo River flows through Wanaaring at the centre of the bioregion, the Warrego River flows through Enngonia to the east, and further east the Culgoa River flows parallel to the north-eastern border in the adjacent Darling Riverine Plains Bioregion.

It is hot, dry and semi-arid, with the western part having a more arid, desert climate. The dominant vegetation is mulga, and there are several endangered animals.

Read the Mulga Lands bioregion chapter of 'Bioregions of New South Wales' (2003) (PDF 4.1MB) for more information.