Sustainability Advantage Recognition Scheme

The scheme celebrates and provides public acknowledgement of the sustainability outcomes achieved by members.

Acknowledgement as Bronze, Silver and Gold Partners of Sustainability Advantage gives members credible market differentiation and signals sustainability commitments and ongoing achievements to competitors and customers.

To be recognised as a Sustainability Advantage Partner, member organisations must demonstrate:

  • active participation
  • leadership and commitment to sustainability
  • planning and management systems to support sustainable practice, including processes for continuous improvement
  • engagement for sustainable outcomes with employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders and the wider industry
  • evidence of achievements.

Celebrating success

Levels of recognition

Across New South Wales, over 800 organisations have benefitted from Sustainability Advantage membership. Nearly half of all members are from regional New South Wales and one-third have been recognised as Bronze, Silver or Gold Partners.

Diagram showing different levels of Sustainability Advantage recognition


Sustainability Advantage Partners are encouraged to promote their recognition status through their own channels. Guidelines on use are supplied to members as each level of recognition is achieved.

Contact us

Contact the Sustainability Advantage team for up-to-date information and application packs for the Recognition Scheme.