Arakoon National Park and Hat Head National Park plan of management: public consultation

A new plan of management is being prepared to replace the previous plans of management for Arakoon National Park and Hat Head National Park.

Arakoon National Park and Hat Head National Park Plan of ManagementThe existing plan of management for Arakoon National Park was adopted in 1987 when the park was a state recreation area. The plan of management for Hat Head National Park was adopted in 1998.

A lot has changed since these plans were prepared. A new plan of management is required to explain how the natural and cultural values of these parks will be conserved, and to guide future improvements to visitor facilities.

What is a plan of management?

Parks established under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act) are required to have a plan of management. The plan is a legal document that provides directions for future management. Once adopted, all operations and activities in the parks must be consistent with the plan.

Why is a plan of management important?

A plan of management identifies the park's important values, management objectives and outcomes that will help achieve these objectives. It is an essential tool for park managers, but it also provides an opportunity for the local Aboriginal community, park visitors, neighbours and other stakeholders to have input into and learn how the parks will be managed into the future.

What opportunities will the community have to contribute to the development of a new plan of management?

There are 2 opportunities to be involved in the development of the plan of management for Arakoon and Hat Head national parks:

  1. During the development of the draft plan – register your interest below to receive updates and be notified of the plan's public exhibition.
  2. During public exhibition of the draft plan – have your say on the draft plan of management.

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