Wycheproof air quality monitoring station

The Wycheproof air quality monitoring station is located at the North Central Catchment Management Authority research site.

An estimated 1,901 people live within 25km of this monitoring site (2016 census).

Commissioned: 2014

Latitude: 36⁰ 5' 49.56''S

Longitude: 143⁰ 21' 17.28''E

Elevation: 111 metres

The following air pollutants are measured at this station:

  • Total Suspended Particles (TSP)

Data from the site is reported as hourly updated particle concentrations.

Continuous record – data from most rural sites is only collected in 15-minute intervals as the solar-powered instruments need to preserve energy.

Instrument limitations – Most rural network stations use mid-cost indicative monitors which respond to all aerosols including dust, sea salt and smoke. Single-channel DustTraks (TSP only) will also respond to fog. Care must be taken in interpreting the data compared with Air NEPM standards without additional information.