Current coastal and estuary grants round

Details about coastal and estuary management grants for the 2022-23 funding round and information for applicants.

The main aim of the Coastal and Estuary Grants Program is to manage risks from coastal hazards, restore and maintain coastal habitats and improve the health of estuaries, wetlands and coastal rainforests in New South Wales.

2022–23 funding round

Funding stream Status Opening date Closing date
Planning Open 3 August 2022 30 June 2023
Implementation Closed    
Significant open coast hazards Open 3 August 2022 Councils may apply for funding throughout the year for works related to sites of significant open coast hazards that cannot wait until the next funding round

Information for new applicants

Stream 1: Coast and estuary planning

Applications will initially be checked to confirm eligibility; correct categories are selected, and completeness.

Ineligible or incomplete applications will not be assessed.

Where applicable, an application may be moved to more appropriate program streams.

Applications will be assessed against the following:

  • council has demonstrated the need and importance for the project
  • the method proposed to undertake the work is sound
  • the project is value for money/reasonable cost (compared to similar projects).

The assessment is conducted by department technical specialists and the Principal Coastal Specialist or Principal Estuary Specialist. A numerical scoring system is used in the evaluation of applications against the above criteria, and an overall statement is made on each application.

Streams 2 to 5: Implementing actions

Applications will initially be checked to confirm eligibility and completeness. Ineligible incomplete or late applications will not be assessed.

Applications will then be assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment technical specialists and an independent panel, which includes experts and stakeholder representation, against assessment criteria to prioritise applications on a statewide basis.

The applications will be assessed using the criteria listed below:

  • action is identified in a certified Coastal Zone Management Plan/Coastal Management Program (except for exempt activities)
  • the project aligns to statewide and this grant program's priorities and objectives
  • the project meets one or more of the management objectives for the relevant coastal management area
  • the council can deliver the project, regarding their past grant management history (if a council has a poor grant delivery history, additional conditions may be added should the application be successful), available resources and the proposed timeframe
  • council commitment to maintaining works in a condition suitable to meet its design intent for the design life
  • the extent to which the project cost-effectively addresses one or more of the program stream objectives
  • technical feasibility and implementation of best practice
  • the level of state or regional significance, including the immediacy of any threats
  • the environmental benefit of the project.

A numerical score will be given to each application by department technical specialists and each panel member, based on how it addresses the above criteria.

The State Assessment Panel consists of 5 stakeholders/independent technical experts.

Note: An application will be awarded a reduced ranking if it is not well thought out, has unclear objectives or outcomes, will only partially achieve program objectives or does not meet funding priorities.

Stream 6: Significant open coast hazards

Applications will only be considered if the works are urgent and cannot wait until the next funding round. Justification as to why the works are urgent must be provided.

Applications will initially be checked to confirm eligibility and completeness.

For applications lodged following a coastal erosion or coastal inundation emergency, a rapid assessment method will be applied. The rapid assessment method will involve convening an Internal Technical Review Panel as a substitute for the external State Assessment Panel.

The council must demonstrate that the actions:

  • is identified in a certified Coastal Zone Management Plan/Coastal Management Program or Emergency Action Sub-Plan
  • will result in an overall reduction in the risk from coastal hazards in the short and/or medium term
  • will deliver broad public benefit, allow public assets to be appropriately managed and has community support
  • are 'no regrets' and enable costs to be managed sustainably into the future
  • have an overall environmental, social and economic benefits, which outweigh the costs based on a qualitative assessment
  • have appropriate cost sharing arrangements.

The success of councils in obtaining funding will be determined by the extent to which the actions deliver broad public benefits to the NSW community or result in beneficial outcomes for public assets.

Region Phone number
North East 02 8289 6318
Hunter/Central Coast 02 4320 4206
Greater Sydney 02 8837 6097
South East
02 4224 4153