Animal dealer licence

You must have an Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Licence if you wish to buy or process kangaroo carcasses in New South Wales.

Animal dealers buy kangaroo carcasses from commercial harvesters and process them for sale. Kangaroo products may be sold in Australia or overseas.


If you want to buy and process kangaroo carcasses for sale you will need to:

  • apply for an Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Licence
  • register the chiller premises you plan to operate
  • apply to the NSW Food Authority to have your processing facilities inspected and approved.

Note: the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is responsible for authorising international export of meat products .

If you want to buy and process kangaroo skins for sale, please contact the Kangaroo Management Program Team to discuss applying for an animal dealer (kangaroo skin) licence.


Animal dealers must only purchase kangaroo carcasses that have been tagged and harvested by a licenced commercial harvester.

Carcasses must be consigned and stored in a chiller for storing kangaroo carcasses that is owned by the authorised animal dealer or harvester. The chiller box must be located at a registered premises in New South Wales, approved by the Department. Access to the premises and the chiller box must be made available at all times so the Department can inspect carcasses for compliance with tagging (harvesting of correct species) and weight limit requirements as described in the licence conditions for harvesters and animal dealers.

Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) applicants require processing facilities and chiller facilities authorised by the relevant state or territory food authority.

The animal dealer licence is valid from 1 January to 31 December each year.


The annual application fee for this licence type in 2020 is $5571 (Note: where a licence is granted on or after 1 July, 50% of the annual fee applies).

If your application for an Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Licence is granted, you will need to register each of the chiller premises you plan to operate. The annual fee for the registration of each chiller premises is $390 (Note: where an annual registration is granted on or after 1 July 2020, 50% of the annual fee applies).

Licence conditions

All licences are granted with conditions. Under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act), it is an offence to contravene a condition of a licence.

Commercial animal dealer (kangaroo) and animal dealer (kangaroo skin) licences are granted on an annual basis and the conditions are subject to change.

View the conditions for licences to be granted in 2020.

Apply for a licence

Animal dealer licences are granted on a calendar year basis.

Use the Wildlife Management System (WMS) to apply online for a 2020 animal dealer licence and to register premises.

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