Aboriginal heritage impact permit public register

This public register lists Aboriginal heritage impact permit applications, including permits that have been issued, varied, transferred, surrendered, suspended and revoked under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

The public register provides information on Aboriginal heritage impact permit (AHIP) applications received after 1 October 2010.

The public register is updated quarterly.

AHIP public register from July 2023 (PDF 173KB)

The information may be used to identify AHIP applications that have been submitted and any decisions made in relation to those applications in New South Wales.

For example, if you plan to undertake an Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment in New South Wales, search this public register to:

  • determine if previous applications have been submitted and what decisions were made in relation to those
  • see if there are current AHIPs and applications for new AHIPs that may affect your assessment.

The AHIP public register archive 2010–June 2023 (PDF 1.5MB) is also available.