Accessibility guide

Wildlife rehabilitation dashboard accessibility features.

The NSW Wildlife Rehabilitation dashboard has been designed to be accessible by a diverse range of people. The keyboard shortcuts and other tips below provide some alternative ways to explore the data in the tool, particularly for people using a screen reader.


Command Shortcut
Go to next visual Tab
Go to previous visual Shift + Tab
Enter selected visual Ctrl + Right arrow
Exit visual Esc


Command Shortcut
Expand drop-down list (lands in search box by default) Enter
Collapse drop-down list Esc
Enter expanded drop-down list to browse list items Tab
Exit expanded drop-down list (return to search box) Shift + Tab
Go to next item in the list Down arrow
Go to previous item in the list Up arrow
Expand list item Right arrow
Collapse list item Left arrow
Select/Unselect list item Space
Select multiple list items/Unselect one of multiple selected list items Ctrl + Space

Further instructions

  • To search for an item in a drop-down list, expand the drop-down list, edit text in the Search box, then press Tab to explore results.
  • To reset all filters, use the 'Reset filters' button

Visual menu buttons (drill features, filter information, focus mode)

The visual menu may contain these buttons:

  • Drill up
  • Drill down
  • Go to the next level in the hierarchy
  • Filters and slicers affecting this visual
  • Focus mode
Action Keyboard shortcuts
Enter visual menu Alt + Shift + F10
Go to next menu button Tab
Go to previous menu button Shift + Tab
Activate button Enter
Access button to show current filters for visual
  1. Navigate to 'Filters and slicers affecting this visual'
  2. Enter
  3. Ctrl + Right arrow

Show data as a table

Command Shortcut
Show selected visual's data as a table Alt + Shift + F11
Enter plot area of a chart Enter
Navigate within plot area of a chart Arrow keys
Exit plot area of a chart Esc
Enter and navigate within a table Refer to Screen Reader keyboard shortcuts for navigation, e.g. If using ChromeVox default shortcuts, press Alt + Shift + Backslash to enter the table and Alt + Shift + arrow keys to navigate
Return to the dashboard Esc

More keyboard shortcuts

  • To view Power BI keyboard shortcuts, press Shift + ?
  • Check with your screen reader for more keyboard shortcuts