Soils Near Me NSW app

Soil information is now easy to find using the new Soils Near Me NSW app, which brings soils to your fingertips.

Soils Near MeSoils Near Me NSW is a simple and accurate way to find information about:

  • capabilities and limitations of soils and landscapes
  • soil types in New South Wales
  • acid sulfate soil risk.

Just download the app, open it up, and start exploring. You don't have to be an expert or have any previous knowledge of soils. You don't have to sign up or log in, and you don't have to enter any data.

If you are a planner or landholder and want to know about land and soil capability or the likelihood of encountering acid sulfate soils, Soils Near Me is a great way to access that information.

If you are interested in bush regeneration or restoring native landscapes, then knowing about the local soil types, their characteristics and fertility can help you select plant species that are more likely to be suited to the area.

If you are a teacher, student or citizen scientist and want to find out general soil information or learn about what different soils look like, Soils Near Me is a great place to start.

Download Soils Near Me NSW from the App Store and Google Play for free and start exploring the soils near you.


Find out more

For scientists and researchers looking for more technical information, or if you want to find out about what other data is available, the app links to our Google Maps-based information system, eSPADE.

To learn more about soil information, the soil landscapes of New South Wales and why soil is so important, head to Land and soil information.

Land and soil information

Senior Soil Scientist, Linda Henderson talks to a landholder about Soils Near Me NSW a new app