NSW National Parks Establishment Plan

The NSW National Parks Establishment Plan sets out the conservation priorities and targets we aspire to in building the national parks system.

What is the Establishment Plan?

Every year, the National Parks and Wildlife Service acquires land for the national parks system through various means, including the transfer of other public land, the voluntary sale or transfer of private land, bequests and donations, and biodiversity offsets. The NSW National Parks Establishment Plan explains how and why new parks will be established and outlines our targets and conservation priorities for acquiring new land and enhancing the parks system.

The plan guides the building of a public national parks system for New South Wales that:

  • is comprehensive, adequate and representative of the state's biodiversity
  • incorporates our rarest and most vulnerable conservation values
  • protects and conserves socially and culturally important values
  • provides opportunities for public enjoyment, education and the growth of scientific knowledge
  • contributes to clean air, clean water and healthy communities.

The Establishment Plan complements the Biodiversity Conservation Investment Strategy, which outlines an approach for encouraging biodiversity conservation on private land. Together, the 2 documents represent a strategy for establishing an integrated protected area network across New South Wales.

The Establishment Plan is under review.