Wildlife Rehabilitation Sector Strategy

The volunteer wildlife rehabilitation sector provides an invaluable service to the community that should be better appreciated, coordinated and supported to ensure it can meet future demands and expectations.

Volunteers provide a critical frontline role in the treatment and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned native animals, providing specialised care and treatment and delivering an important service to the community. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has now finalised a 3-year strategy to help support volunteers and improve wildlife rehabilitation in New South Wales. The strategy will be implemented by the National Parks and Wildlife Service in partnership with the sector, the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife 'Wildlife Heroes program' and supported by the Environmental Trust.

The strategy outlines the actions we will undertake to support the wildlife rehabilitation sector over the next 3 years. It incorporates actions for sector already funded through the NSW Koala Strategy, to be augmented by additional funding provided by the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. It also introduces a new system of accreditation for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation providers in line with new requirements under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Read the strategy and supporting documents:

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Peak Body

  1. Australian Veterinary Association (PDF 190KB)
  2. NSW Wildlife Council (PDF 220KB)

Wildlife Rehabilitation Organisation

  1. F.A.W.N.A. (PDF 251KB)
  2. Friends of the Koala (PDF 153KB)
  3. Hunter Wildlife Rescue (PDF 425KB)
  4. LAOKO (PDF 1190KB)
  5. Native Animal Rescue Group (PDF 145KB)
  6. Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers (PDF 134KB)
  7. Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers (PDF 211KB)
  8. Port Stephens Koalas (PDF 484KB)
  9. Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services (PDF 839KB)
  10. Wildcare Queanbeyan (PDF 123KB)
  11. Wildlife Aid (PDF 91KB)
  12. Wildlife Rescue South Coast (PDF 382KB)
  13. WIRES (PDF 178KB)
  14. WIRES Northern Rivers Branch (PDF 191KB)


  1. Anonymous 1 (PDF 519KB)
  2. Anonymous 2 (PDF 67KB)
  3. Barbara Hands (PDF 73KB)
  4. Belinda Furlonger (PDF 59KB)
  5. Charles de Cheland (PDF 126KB)
  6. Christie Jarrett (PDF 80KB)
  7. Dianne Hinton (PDF 187KB)
  8. Eira Battaglia (PDF 66KB)
  9. Gary Flaws (PDF 108KB)
  10. Geraldine Pearson (PDF 186KB)
  11. Ian Jackson (PDF 114KB)
  12. Julia McConnell (PDF 104KB)
  13. Lorraine Vass (PDF 185KB)
  14. Louise Krieger (PDF 104KB)
  15. Michelle Toms (PDF 158KB)
  16. Patricia Edwards (PDF 147KB)
  17. Phil Machin (PDF 92KB)
  18. Richard Woodman (PDF 106KB)
  19. Shane Crowhurst (PDF 71KB)
  20. Sharon Small (PDF 52KB)


  1. International Fund for Animal Welfare (PDF 125KB)
  2. NSW Young Lawyers (PDF 217KB)
  3. Sentient (PDF 187KB)
  4. Tree of Compassion (PDF 298KB)
  5. Two Green Threads (PDF 249KB)