Wildlife Rehabilitation Sector Strategy

The volunteer wildlife rehabilitation sector provides an invaluable service to the community that should be better appreciated, coordinated and supported to ensure it can meet future demands and expectations.

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water has been busy implementing a strategy to help support volunteers and improve wildlife rehabilitation in New South Wales.

The strategy outlines our actions to support the wildlife rehabilitation sector. It incorporates actions for sector already funded through the NSW Koala Strategy, augmented by additional funding provided by the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife through the Environmental Trust.

We have published a 3-year report on our achievements to December 2023. The report celebrates the successes of the Volunteer Wildlife Rehabilitation Sector Strategy. Significant support for volunteers and improvements to wildlife rehabilitation have been achieved through implementation of its actions.

The timeframe for the strategy has been extended to June 2025 to complete work already commenced. This ongoing work will be completed by a review of the sector to help inform and guide future support for the wildlife rehabilitation and veterinary sectors. The review is expected to be completed early in 2025 to ensure the next steps are informed by the views of those undertaking this valuable work.

The terms of reference of the review will examine and report on:

  • challenges for the sector including future trajectories and risks
  • connections within the sector
  • service gaps and duplication
  • involvement of wildlife rehabilitation providers in emergency response or significant wildlife events
  • administrative and legislative provisions relating to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
  • future resourcing opportunities for the wildlife rehabilitation sector, including opportunities for wildlife hospitals and veterinary practices that treat injured wildlife.

The results of this review will inform the next steps to support the important work of wildlife rehabilitation in New South Wales.

Eastern long necked turtle (Chelodina longicollis) freshwater