Pesticide use notification in national parks

The community must be notified of planned pesticide use on all lands managed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Sea spurge eradication. Ranger spraying invasive beach weed
Under the New South Wales Pesticides Regulation 2017 we are required to prepare a pesticide use notification plan (PUNP) to outline how we will notify the community of pesticide applications in outdoor public places. This notification allows community members to avoid contact with pesticides.

We use pesticides to control weeds, pest animals and diseases and to protect public property and neighbouring lands from pest damage and to protect users of public places from nuisance or danger.

Lands managed by us where pesticides may be used include national parks, nature reserves, historic sites, Aboriginal areas, state conservation areas and regional parks.

The current Pesticide Use Notification Plan describes:

  • public places covered by the plan
  • regular users of these public places and frequency of use
  • how and when we provide the community with information about its pesticide use
  • how to access more information about notification arrangements
  • special protection measures
  • what information a notification may include, such as product name and purpose.