Manage your heritage grant

Learn how to manage your grant and reporting.

This information is for successful recipients of heritage grants. There are various things you will need to do while spending the grant funds and completing your project.

Your grant funding agreement will include set dates to submit progress reports to show how your project is progressing, and the final report. If there is a grant installment to be paid upon submitting a report, this is referred to as an acquittal.

All reporting for heritage grants is done through SmartyGrants.

As the reporting templates are created you will be able to access them through the acquittals section of your SmartyGrants account. Contact us if you cannot access the form you need.

Use these templates and forms to attach extra information to your report:

Specific templates for local councils

The Witnessing Legal Documents Remotely Fact Sheet (PDF 288KB) explains how to get statutory declarations witnessed remotely.

If your project involves doing physical work on a State Heritage Register listed item and/or declared Aboriginal Place, you must first get approval under the Heritage Act 1977 and/or the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, or meet the criteria for exemption before commencing the work.

You will be asked about approvals when reporting on your project. The process of getting works approvals is separate to the grant application and can be started before or after you apply for the grant.

Work cannot commence unless you have received the relevant approvals or confirmed that an exemption applies.

Find the right people to help

Search our directories to find suitably skilled people to assist with your project:

  • heritage consultants
  • conservation products and supplies.

It is expected that all physical works are carried out according to the Minimum standards of maintenance and repair (PDF 40KB) for heritage items.

Use our Guide to photo monitoring heritage projects (PDF 580KB) when taking progress photos.

Please notify us if the name of the primary contact person and/or contact details for your grant change.

All recipients of heritage grants must acknowledge the NSW Government’s contribution in any public statements or written material about the project. This includes:

  • using the NSW Government logo (preferably in colour) in all publicity material related to the project such as brochures, signage, advertising and invitations
  • using acknowledgement wording in all media articles and social media posts, such as ‘Proudly funded by the NSW Government (and any other contributors, if applicable)’.

See the NSW Government’s Funding Acknowledgement Guidelines for more on how to use the logo and funding acknowledgement wording.