Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields bioregion

The Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields bioregion is very arid, with unpredictable rainfall. It is in the far north-western corner of New South Wales.

Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields bioregion location map

Simpson–Strzelecki Dunefields bioregion area

  • 27,984,283 hectares in total
  • 1,094,314 hectares in NSW

The Simpson–Strzelecki Dunefields bioregion extends from the southeast of the Northern Territory, through the northeast of South Australia, with small areas in both Qld and NSW.

This bioregion is arid and has a hot, dry desert climate.

There are no declared wilderness areas in the bioregion, however there are wildlife refuges on some private properties. Lake Pinaroo is listed as an internationally significant wetland under the Ramsar Convention.

Read the Simpson–Strzelecki Dunefields bioregion chapter of 'Bioregions of New South Wales' (2003) (PDF 3MB) for more information.