Kangaroo management advisory panel

The Kangaroo Management Advisory Panel provides advice on important matters relating to the NSW Commercial Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan 2017–2021.

Kangaroo management in New South Wales is determined by the NSW Commercial Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan 2017–2021. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is responsible for the management of kangaroos in accordance with the plan, including licensing all facets of commercial kangaroo harvesting and non-commercial kangaroo culling.

The Kangaroo Management Advisory Panel is appointed to provide guidance on the plan's management activities to ensure kangaroo populations in NSW remain ecologically sustainable and that the methods of harvesting kangaroos for commercial use are humane. The panel is selected for a 5-year term. At the end of each term the Coordinator-General of the Department’s Environment, Energy and Science Group invites interested organisations to nominate for the next Kangaroo Management Advisory Panel.

Organisations are selected to represent key stakeholder groups as required by the management plan. Each organisation is asked to nominate one primary and one alternate representative for the panel. Usually only one of the representatives attends each meeting. Meetings are usually held twice a year, in October/November and February/March.

Meeting minutes

Minutes of meetings are available once ratified by the panel. Minutes are ratified, or formally approved, at each biannual meeting. The minutes available are those most recently ratified.

Kangaroo management advisory panel members

Topic representing Organisation Name
Industry Kangaroo Industry Association Australia Ray Borda
Animal welfare Australian Veterinary Association Dr Tanya Stephens
Animal welfare RSPCA NSW
Nick De Vos
Natural resource management and conservation NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Andrew Sanger
Natural resource management and conservation Australasian Wildlife Management Society Dr Steven McLeod
Landholders NSW Farmers Association Ray Scott
Research institution Western Sydney University Dr Robert Mulley
Aboriginal communities   Jason Wilson