New England Tableland bioregion

The New England Tableland bioregion is in northern NSW and is a stepped plateau of hills and plains. It is one of the smaller bioregions in NSW.

Map showing the location of the New England Tableland bioregion in NSW

New England Tableland bioregion area

  • 3,002,213 hectares in total
  • 2,857,082 hectares in NSW

The New England Tableland bioregion lies between the North Coast and Nandewar bioregions in northeast NSW, extending north just into Queensland.

In NSW, the bioregional boundary extends from north of Tenterfield to south of Walcha.

This bioregion includes parts of the MacIntyre, Clarence, Gwydir, Macleay, Namoi and Manning river catchments.

The climate is mainly temperate to cool temperate, with montane climate at higher elevations. The north-eastern boundary has a warmer, sub-humid climate.

Open forests and woodlands, with a variety of species depending on soil type, are the main vegetation. There are several threatened animal and plant species including the endangered regent honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia).

There are several national parks and nature reserves, with some private land conservation arrangements. The Ramsar-listed Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve wetland is in this bioregion.

Read the New England Tableland bioregion chapter of 'Bioregions of New South Wales' (2003) (PDF 4.5MB) for more information.