Sustainability Advantage networks and leadership

Sustainability Advantage connects members with a network of leaders, supporting innovation and encouraging organisations to share their success stories.

Member events

Buy smarter waste reduction community engagement Government Resource Efficiency Policy G-REP Government Briefing at Parliament HouseSustainability Advantage members connect through regular events. We also provide online networking opportunities to give members access to new research and information on international and local sustainability trends and best practices.

At these events, members:

  • hear from inspiring international speakers and experts
  • share experiences and pathways to success
  • grow networks to find opportunities to work together for a common purpose and greater impact.

Sustainability Advantage membership gives exclusive access to these forums.

Sustainability leadership development

Sustainability Advantage supports a number of leadership development opportunities to build a cohort of leaders across NSW to champion sustainable development.

Project acceleration

Sustainability Advantage has a history of fast-tracking innovative sustainability projects. We help identify opportunities, connect you with experts and build business cases for innovative sustainability solutions. Examples include:

Austral Bricks and Veolia

A partnership to substitute natural gas with recovered landfill gas proved a win-win for business and environment. Learn how this innovative project increased resource efficiency and realised a 30% saving on energy spend.

De Bortoli Wines

Long term Gold Partner De Bortoli Wines is aiming to be a zero waste winery. Hear about the innovation that earnt them recognition for the first Sustainability Advantage Platinum Project.

Delta Electricity and Crucible

A joint biomass co-firing project, where wood fibre was added to the coal stream to save greenhouse gas emissions. Find out how Sustainability Advantage helped get this project to commercial ready stage.