Wildlife policies and guidelines

Our policies and guidelines cover many aspects of the management and protection of our wildlife.

Our wildlife policies and guidelines ensure that:

  • sick or injured native plants and animals are appropriately cared for and returned to the wild
  • people gain more understanding of the behaviour of native animals
  • people that care for, trade in or manage native animals follow the correct procedures.

Hygiene guidelines

These Hygiene guidelines outline protocols for reducing the risk of spreading pathogens and invasive plants to vulnerable areas of New South Wales.

Management of aggressive native birds

Our policy on the Management of native birds that show aggression to people provides guidance for staff and the public about how to behave appropriately when birds such as magpies and butcherbirds, which are trying to protect their young during the breeding season.

Rehabilitation of protected native animals

Our Rehabilitation of protected native animals policy ensures that wildlife carers have the knowledge to care for and rehabilitate sick or injured animals.

Trade of protected animals

Ensuring that the commercial trade in native animals is stringently monitored and regulated is the purpose of this policy.

Sensitive species data

Our Sensitive Species Data Policy guides the amount and type of information that is made available about the location of threatened species.