Commercial licence conditions, fees and forms

Kangaroos are protected in New South Wales by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. Under the Biodiversity Conservation Act, it is an offence to harm, buy or sell kangaroos for commercial purposes without a licence.

All licences are granted on an annual basis with conditions that are subject to change. It is an offence to contravene any condition of a licence.

View 2020 licence conditions and chiller premises registrations conditions:

Non-commercial licences to harm kangaroos are not issued by the commercial kangaroo management program. Non-commercial applications need to be submitted to the appropriate National Parks and Wildlife Service Area office that manages the region the property is located in.

2020 licensing year application and registration fees

Licences and registrations are issued on a calendar year basis.

  Full calendar year From 1 July
Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Professional Licence $894 $447
Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Landholder Licence $223 $111.50
Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Licence $5,571 $2,785.50
Animal Dealer (Kangaroo Skin) Licence $2,006 $1,003
Registration of chiller premises $390/premise $195/premise
Registration of premise (skin dealer) (i.e. shop) $281/premise $140.50/premise
Commercial tags $1.17 per tag / ($58.50 per 50) 
*Postage is an extra charge

Species available for commercial harvest per zone in 2020

Species availability and zone closures are subject to change accordance with the NSW Commercial Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan 2017-2021.

View maps of the NSW commercial kangaroo management zones.

Number and Name
Red Eastern Grey Western Grey Wallaroo
16 – Southeast      
48 – Central Tablelands North      
49 – Central Tablelands South      
09 – Armidale    
13 – Glenn Innes    
14 – Upper Hunter    
08 – Narrabri    
10 – Coonabarabran  
17 – Griffith North  
18 – Griffith South Closed  
04 – Lower Darling  
06 – Cobar Closed Closed Closed  
01 – Tibooburra Closed  
02 – Broken Hill  
07 – Bourke Closed Closed  

Applications for all categories of licences and tag applications are made via the Wildlife Management System (WMS). Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) and Skin Dealer (Kangaroo) licensees are required to use the WMS for all licensing and reporting activities. You can access information about the Wildlife Management System via the WMS support and resources page.

2020 Forms for Commercial Harvesters: