Section 60 works application

How to navigate the standard section 60 approval pathway and what to include in your application.

Under the Heritage Act 1977, you need to apply for approval for works or activities that may impact heritage listed items.

The standard section 60 works application is for works and activities that will have, or have the potential to have, a moderate or greater impact on the significance of a State Heritage Register listed item.

The standard section 60 approval pathway is for works and activities:

  • to an item listed on the NSW State Heritage Register or subject to an interim heritage order
  • that have, or would have the potential to have, a moderate or greater impact on the heritage significance of the item, in the opinion of the Heritage Council (or its delegate)
  • that are not listed as an exemption under the Heritage Act 1977
  • that will exceed an estimated cost of $150,000
  • that accord with any relevant guidelines.

This application is the pathway for heritage approvals following determination of an integrated development application and where modifications may be required.

This is the process of application lodgement to outcome.

How to apply

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Gather your essential documents

These include:

  • statement of heritage impact
  • conservation management plan (if one is available, you can check in the Heritage online library)
  • existing and proposed drawings with drawing schedule
  • if following an integrated development application, include your development consent and approved stamped plans

When there is known or suspected historical archaeology to manage also include:

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Request pre-lodgement comments

Consider requesting pre-lodgement comments on your proposal.

See Pre-lodgement service for more information about this free service.

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Set up your user account

Register a user account for the Heritage Management System if you are a first-time user.

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Lodge your application

Lodge your application online via the Heritage Management System.

You will receive an application ID and payment receipt.

Your application is checked for completeness within 14 days.

What happens next

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Application assessment

Once accepted as complete, your application is allocated for assessment and the application clock starts. The timeframe is 40 days, or 60 days if advertised.

The nature and extent of impact on the significance of the heritage item is assessed. Internal specialists may provide input.

You may be contacted to discuss your application, provide additional information, and/or clarify details. The application clock stops until the requested information is received.

Heritage NSW will advertise an application for 21 days when:

  • a proposal may have a major impact on heritage significance, or
  • it is in the public interest.

An assessment report is then prepared with recommendations for determination.

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Application outcome

The Heritage Council of NSW is the approval body, however
most applications are determined by a delegate.

The Heritage Council meets once a month. We can refer applications to the Heritage Council if:

  • there would be substantial change that might remove or reduce heritage values
  • it is potentially in the public interest or high-profile
  • the proposal is large (e.g. covers an extensive area like a precinct, suburb or town, or infrastructure).

You can check the status of your application by logging into the Heritage Management System go to the dashboard section ‘My open applications’.

You will be informed of the outcome in writing.

Applications are made under section 60 of the Heritage Act 1977 and approval to undertake works is granted under section 63 of the Act.